Individual & Team Breakthroughs

Generate rapid insight; discover the best solution in one 90-minute session

Imagine struggling days, months, even years to crack open a safe and, suddenly you have the right combination. Insight-discovery sessions do just that. It's all about multiple viewing perspectives - fresh eyes. Within 90 minutes, participants discover solutions and see possibilities they wouldn't otherwise have considered. “AaaHA!”

Why Have a Breakthrough Session?

Spark ideas for new products, solutions, or cost-savings

Make best-possible decisions

Discover competitive advantages

Solve virtually any kind of problem

See the future with clarity

Gain consensus for decisions

Create natural team alignment and buy-in

My Approach

Intuitive-engaging questions – those you just can’t ask yourself. Never a right or wrong answer, but always a deep dive within. When we spark the intuitive mind: presto, instant access to everything we’ve ever experienced and learned. Dormant scattered pieces of information suddenly connect with a burst of energy to spark an “insight.” Without asking the right questions, insight always remains just out of reach from our conscious ability.


Because the human mind has no limitations, Breakthrough Sessions can help any individual or group accelerate progress, as well as personal or professional development, business growth, and team alignment. Breakthrough Sessions can also remove blockages impeding use of your full potential.

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