Culture Shaping

Does your organization have the culture it deserves?

Know why 70% of costly business initiatives fail to achieve their intended results? Corporate culture was typically an afterthought, or worse — just plain ignored. Corporate culture remains under leveraged with serious financial consequences in too many businesses. How much could your organization prosper with a culture that continuously supports what customers want most?

Why Engage In Culture Shaping?

Build a corporate culture that satisfies customer expectations

Redefine a culture previously too vague and abstract to discuss and take action

Create a sustainable, well-defined, advantage over competitors

Strengthen the way leaders and employees throughout the organization work together

My Approach

I use the Competing Values Framework (CVF) to first diagnose both existing and desired corporate cultures. Each organization gets a precise road map showing what it needs to emphasize and de-emphasize. The survey takes just 15-minutes.

For example, a Long Island hospital found its current culture overly rule-bound and bureaucratic — everything by the book. Certainly, rules are important at a hospital because human life is at stake. But being too bureaucratic can stymie creative thinking, and dampen profitability and growth. Without creative thinking, this hospital’s CEO realized they risk their reputation and competitive standing.


Organizations around the world have used the Competing Values Framework, including more than 100 of the Fortune 500 (such firms as Apple, Amex, 3M, GE, Coke). The survey is a simple and quick process. Organizations have clearly seen dramatic outcomes within 30 days. With this simple framework, changes occur naturally and in a motivating way, without the typical drama or trauma.

Curious? Want to learn more? Contact me today to start reshaping your corporate culture and schedule your free consultation.