Leader Coaching

Like suddenly finding the right combination to the lock

Many smart executives routinely handle operations, financials, marketing, sales, or technology. But most have not been trained to manage the organization’s health — its corporate culture, collaboration, innovation, trust, or human potential. Leader Coaching introduces a framework that rapidly helps leaders create business strategy and seamlessly align corporate culture.

Why Should I Engage In Leader Coaching?

Discover fresh ways of seeing and distinguish the unique value your organization provides

Implement methodologies to translate this fresh understanding into real competitive advantage

Learn the best way to communicate your organization’s vision and values

Discover growth opportunities and possibilities not previously visible

Use 21st Century decision-making tools to improve hiring, communicating, and collaborating

My Approach – Extreme Clarity

Imagine how frustrated you’d be from trying to open an important lock with the wrong combination? Then imagine suddenly getting the right combination. This is what breakthrough coaching is all about. Instant insight. Instant solutions. Rapid change. Fresh thinking. Different results.

It all begins with a conversation about the future. Conversations can take place in-person, over the phone, or even via Skype. What results do you want to accomplish that you’ve never accomplished before? Each session is designed so you’ll emerge with a solution to move forward with confidence. Sessions involve discovery, which always occurs instantaneously.

What Clients Say

“Jeff has provided a firm foundation for our organization’s continued growth. He has been instrumental in changing our culture and expanding our team-building capabilities.” David Antar, CEO, A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc.

“Jeff worked closely with our senior management to build strong team alignment and leadership. He was a strategic retreat facilitator that led to several organized task force committees made up of mgmt and employees to focus on core competencies and future enhancements. Jeff’s unending persistence drove us to find and implement solutions we would never have achieved without him.” Jamie Austin,, Austin Travel/ProTravel

“I strongly recommend Jeff for situations that deal with the delicate issue of improving leadership skills of the individuals and the organization.” Steven Sgammato, President, Electronic Hardware Corporation

“Jeff is the best leadership consultant I’ve seen in over thirty years. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in his assessments and planning, and enthusiastic in his execution.” David Hale, President, Smart Sourcing, Inc. (Former Major General, US Army and West Point Grad)

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