Strategic Retreats

Want to win? Just get top managers reading from the same playbook.

The single-most important factor in any organization achieving sustainable high performance is a cohesive leadership team. Strategic retreats give leaders a rare opportunity to come together in a "safe" environment to collaboratively and innovatively create their future; tackle the one topic that never gets time during the hectic day.

Why conduct a strategic retreat? Do your senior managers:

Have different opinions about what matters most?

Spend more time fixing problems than preventing them?

Say they are too busy to see things through the customers’ eyes?

Avoid working collaboratively and resist listening to opinions of others?

Live within the existing culture rather than actively shaping a better one?

My Approach: Ego-less Collaborations

I challenge people to think deeper about things and boy, it changes everything. My strategic retreats engage the senior team’s imagination and passion and I guide them to define a future all their stakeholders find exciting.

Even though many leadership groups have worked together for years, after a strategic retreat they realize they didn’t know each other and hadn’t really been listening to one another.

I’ve seen this same scene play out over and over, where leaders (business, not-for-profit, association, education, community, religious, political) have been stunned by the power of a clear vision that becomes shared within the organization. It becomes a powerful motivator and instantly changes everything.

Impact: Extreme Clarity

Every executive team I’ve taken through an “ego-less collaboration” strategic retreat comes away with a real sense of ownership. For many managers, this becomes their first and most-meaningful experience as a team member.

After the strategic retreat, senior managers typically offer consistent answers about the organization’s top priorities. Leaders create a recipe for growth and, simultaneously, discover how to play by the same playbook.

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