My Ideology

No plan, no strategy, no decision is ever good enough without igniting the human factor to make it happen

All businesses transition through the same stages of growth - and decline - and success depends on corporate culture. In simple terms — the way people do things.

Want your organization to consistently perform at its best? Here's how:

Ask me about using the Competing Values Framework (CVF) as a management tool to guide thinking and focus action. The CVF offers a time-tested method to diagnose the specific factors in your organization that produce the most value.

Engage people's best thinking, talent, and passion because the CVF doesn't force right/wrong, either/or decisions. Instead, it integrates and embraces all the naturally-occuring conflicting, opposing beliefs and ideas - in a way proven to produce better-than-expected results.

Shape your organization's corporate culture around your current and future customers' expectations in a way that pulls people together to make it happen.

Get people to pull together around important goals such as new policies, procedures, systems, relocations, business and sales strategies, and anything else you’re looking to achieve.

Competing Values Framework

Leaders can realize remarkable progress when they consider multiple outcomes in each quadrant as they pursue value-creating strategies. Narrowly defining value to include only financial outcomes often produces only short-term results while compromising longer-term value creation.

Competing Values Framework (CVF)

Imagine managing the emotional health of the organization as precisely as you manage cash flow, quality, or on-time delivery. Imagine what you and your team could accomplish! Ask yourself this important question: Do you manage culture — or does it manage you?

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