What Our Clients Say

I'm proud of what my clients have to say about me, but the truth is they did the work themselves — I helped to show them the way.

Jeff Levy has provided a firm foundation for our organization’s continued growth. He has been instrumental in changing our culture and expanding our team-building capabilities.”

David Antar - CEO, A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc.

Jeff and his partner have been a major factor in our company's growth and success. My brother and I began working with them over five years ago to create a strategic growth vision. With their innovative leadership tools, they have helped us build a strong leadership team and distinguish the difference between management and leadership — which has been pivotal in our growth.

We've benefited from their insightful strategic counsel, leadership development - at all levels, senior leadership team facilitation, and an energizing approach to maximizing our opportunities.”

Nicholas M. Auletta - Co-President, Summit Security Services, Inc.

Jeff worked closely with our senior management to build strong team alignment and leadership. He was a strategic retreat facilitator that led to several organized task force committees made up of mgmt and employees to focus on core competencies and future enhancements. Jeff's unending persistence drove us to find and implement solutions we would never have achieved without him. Thank you Jeff.”

Jamie Austin - Owner, Austin Travel, Inc

Before we met, I literally felt like I was at the end of my rope – extremely frustrated. You gave us hope and helped us understand what we need to do, what we should build upon and how to go about doing it.

You’ve given us a concrete way to go from a good day care center to a great one. In my 30 years of experience, nothing has ever worked so well!

The biggest benefits I’ve noticed include: open communications, a happier staff, we are more focused and as director, I feel less stress.”

Phyllis Benedetto - Owner, Babylon Child Care Center

Thanks for the compilation of my feedback to the team and theirs to me. It is helpful to have this and review it periodically.

I reviewed on Tuesday with the cabinet our retreat of last week. They clearly valued it and felt it put us in a better position to enter the year. I felt it was very helpful in building the team cohesiveness, in helping to clarify a number of elements of our leadership, and especially in helping to filter the priority on issues we must and will deal with.”

Hubert Keen - President, Farmingdale State College (SUNY)

Your work has truly been an integral part of getting this company back on track. People are very happy and we’ve had low turnover. Drivers are even recommending other drivers to work here. Once again, I thank you.

Your work has been a giant step toward turning the company around. Morale is better, the office environment has improved and I’ve initiated driver of the week programs. We’ve pulled your report apart and really use it as a management guideline. You saw things I would have never seen, and because of it we’re a much more cohesive unit. We even acquired another company and retained their entire staff - I don’t think we could have integrated them so easily without your work.”

Joseph Carletto - CEO, US Limousine

Jeff is the best leadership consultant I've seen in over thirty years. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in his assessments and planning, and enthusiastic in his execution.”

David Hale - President, Smart Sourcing, Inc. (Former Major General, US Army)

Jeff offers keen insight into complex business issues. He has a unique ability to ask penetrating questions at the proper time, which has allowed us to gain an optimal solution. I strongly recommend Jeff for situations that deal with the delicate issue of improving leadership skills of the individuals and the organization.”

Steven Sgammato - President, Electronic Hardware Corporation

Jeff helped us develop a multi-year plan for growth using his Janusian Insights strategy. He helped us develop a plan with "extreme clarity" and I can say in the few short months since implementing we are well on our way to achieving our goals. If you don’t know Jeff, you should!”

Doug Segal - Partner, Perception Imaging

We hired Jeff Levy at Janusian Insights to facilitate a strategy session for our attorneys, which enabled us to focus on our market, clients, and the way we work together from a different and dynamic perspective. As a result, we have improved our team, the way we work together, and are strengthening our attorney-client relationships. We highly recommend any firm or business to work with Jeff to obtain an even greater competitive edge.”

Mercedes Colwin - Managing Partner, Gordon & Rees LLP

I was fortunate to have Jeff as a trusted partner as I started my new job and re-energized the leadership team at Family & Children's Association. He was able to help me assess our team's strengths, map out a course for a strong future in a challenging external environment and has helped us take actionable steps forward. Jeff is smart, committed, honest and talented; I'd recommend him anytime.

Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D, CEAP, SAP President/CEO at Family and Children's Association (FCA)

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